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welcome to Invests Mix LTD.

A few words About Us ...

To meet today's challenges, we've created a unique fund management system based on Bitcoin.

Who we are and what we want to offer you? We are above all a group of entrepreneurs focused on the cryptocurrency market. Our experience allows us to estimate trends on the coin market with high probability. We also follow all global stock exchanges to look for arbitrage opportunities. Achieving such results that we offer to our investors is not an easy task. However, hard work almost 24 hours a day and previously gained experience can give impressive results.

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Daily Income

Your profits are added daily to your account balance.

Easy to Use

In your user panel, you can easily perform all operations.

Data Security

All data is on a high-end server protected against DDOS attacks.

24h Support

Our team members will always help you if necessary.

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3-Level Affiliate Program

We give you the opportunity to earn money by recommending our website to others. You can start earning money even if you do not invest. Promote our website wherever you are. Create posts on online forums and social networks. Remember to use the referral link. Build your structure and receive a commission from three levels whenever someone makes a deposit.
Earnings from the affiliate program are immediately available in the account balance. You can invest or withdraw funds at any time.

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Our Statistics


Working Days



$ 1734.50

Total Investments

$ 776.07

Total Payments

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Last five investments

btc $157.50
borsan $8.00
idinaldo $10.00
btc $30.00
thegv2019 $25.00
End1 $12.00
yaniss59 $120.00

Last five withdrawal

JpumpSigma $75.00
azrs44 $75.00
davidkil $30.00
invest50 $100.00
yaniss59 $36.00
elenahyip $63.00
yaniss59 $70.00

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